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2010-04-04 06:30:08 by OMGx


Mods... you suck.

2009-09-04 15:40:53 by OMGx

I bet they enjoy it, being allowed to be rude and blunt to everyone and not be questioned.

I would link you to the thread but it got deleted.

How can telling someone not to post spam threads constitute encouraging spam? Nice one, Newgrounds. Oh and also, thanks to DeadClever23 who I can only assume that their younger sibling (?) was logged in and decided to be an idiot or they just had a fit of idiocy themselves.

Somehow I think the ban system needs some thinking about and not just being a faceless totalitarian blanet.

Political Madness is out!

2008-11-04 11:26:29 by OMGx

Check out my and my bro's latest animation that we made this holiday week! Especially for those who enjoy Madness tributes and topical face-pasting! :D

Political Madness!

Return to NG!

2008-10-17 16:34:56 by OMGx

I'm back and I doesn't good at anything. I can has TOTP?

Anyone else get this PM?

2008-02-05 13:11:56 by OMGx

Anyone else happen to get this? Or is it not, in fact, spam.

::Dear Omgx, (ooh a personal touch) is a new, gigantic community-website that pledges to dominate the casual gaming world in the near future. XPOGames offers ...

OMFG! Great Score!

2008-01-13 06:56:19 by OMGx

I made something rated over 3! w00t!
Onwards and upwards....

After hours of work, I've finally completed the tab for Goukisan's amazing Guitar Vs. Piano 1.2!
I was so happy that I thought I would post it here. Now I can start learning it!
If you want me to send you the link, PM me and I'll put on a website.
Good luck, OMGx.

Hooray! I finshed tabbing Guitar Vs. Piano!

I was playing around with WavePad, and found that in the song Betrayed, by Avenged Sevenfold there is an eerily real sounding verse at around 2.12 (backwards)
To me, it sounds like:

Please send
mother I will avenge one thing

Pretend it will leave
erase these sins

here's a link to hear it on youtube.

Hidden Verse


2007-10-04 13:32:32 by OMGx

do people
even go
on this